All our crates can be stacked, nested together to be compact when not in use.
Once filled, they can also be placed on top of each other. The crates have attached interlocking lids and for added security we can supply industry standard snap-off seals if required.

And not forgetting that we do have smaller, more manageable crates for those smaller items. Information for these can be found at Crate Hire Home Mover


Our Large Office crate is designed to hold a standard work station, normally comprising of CPU processor base, flat screen monitor, keyboard and mouse.

All our crates are designed for removeable labels to be affixed for instant at a glance identification of contents, owner, source and destination.

This crate is by far the most popular choice from within the professional office moving and office refurbishing sectors. Due to their ability to hold A4 ledger files and folders straight off the shelf along with a myriad of other items commonly found within the office environment.
The dimensions of this crate are 710mm x 460mm x 368mm.

Our second most commonly requested crate is this ‘Tea chest’ sized crate which swallows up a vast array of computing or networking equipment, along with telephones etc.

The dimensions of this crate are 745mm x 567mm x 616mm.

Moving your business can be quite exhausting, so remember to ask for your complimentary bottle of water. Still or sparkling, the choice is yours!


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